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ATHDE - If you want to watch sports online than there are many resources you can use. There are sites online that provide links to the different sports streams on the internet. This saves you time from having to scour Google and other search engines while trying to locate the streaming sports like football, baseball, soccer, or basketball. There are also P2P players such as Streamtorrent, Sopcast, and TVAnts that you can use to watch live sports that people stream from their homes through the player directly to your computer.

ATHDE - There are many reasons why you may go online to watch live sporting events. A lot of sports do not broadcast their games on the television and so you have no other option. Some sports, such as NFL football, requires you to pay hundreds of dollars per year to access their games and unless you are wealthy this option may not be for you. These sports run a monopoly on viewership of their games and it is very hard for the average person to always have access to watch the live sports matches that they want to watch on the television.

ATHDE - As a result of the limited options to watch live sports millions of people are coming onto the internet in record numbers to begin watching live sports. This has caused some controversy as some of the sports leagues has asked Google to remove the listings of these sports streaming sites from their directories. This makes it much harder for people to find where the sports streams are. Imagine going to Google and searching for hours and you didn’t even know that the sites you are searching for have been removed from Google. Many people waste much time searching for something that they will never find on their own.

As a result, many of the top sites have become very popular through word of mouth instead of through search engines. These are sites like ATHDE, P2P4U, First Row Sports, Rojadirecta and others to name a few. But even some of these sites have been shut down recently making it that much more difficult for sports fans to find live streams for their favorite teams.